Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lemon Vinegar Spritz :Clean:

Blogging from my phone since our W.  Weeksi is still down and .  Hourst expected to be back.  Dap uheroesSunday *attempting not to even think about it right now* Things have been crazy busy over here and I have definitely neglected my little blog. I'll be up early to get the movers over to the old house to pick up our really heavy furniture; Our dressers are made from really old, heavy wood and they are gorgeous but RIDICULOUS to move around even a couple inches much less up and down stairs! Once our dressers are here, I can FINALLY put away all these damn drawers I have sitting around throughout my new digs!!

I did get a chance to make a lil something-something today...It's an easy way to jazz up some boring ol' vinegar!! I use vinegar in a spray bottle to clean EVERYTHING. Especially surfaces that my children touch on a daily basis, you know, countertops, dining room otable, bathroom sink..etc... It's cheap and non-toxic - what more could you need? Now I don't mind the smell (it reminds me of coloring eggs for Easter) certain love bugs in my house run around saying, "Whaaaaat is that smell?!" Or "OMG What are you cooking?!" After I go on a cleaning spree. Silly man and kids.

I found a kickass DIY on One Good Thing by Jillee and I decided to try it out.

I bought a bunch of lemons and limes the other day with the intention of doing some fruit infusions to up my water intake. Well when I realized that they were shriveling up faster than I could consume them I figured it was time to put them to good use!

Chop the peel, throw it in a jar, add vinegar, let it sit. 
Now Jillee said she let it sit for 2 Weeks...I'm lucky to last 2 hours. Perhaps I'll give it 2 days. 


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