Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Obsessedfest :New House Edition:

Okay, Okay – So I am tardy for the party again. My life this week has been boxes, packing tape and vinegar. As I mentioned in my last post, we are moving and I am so in love with our house I can’t hardly stand it!


I am so excited to linkup with Mandi from helloJAXON again – I love her blog and her style – You can tell from her blog that she is one cool chick who is more than likely a freakin’ blast to hang out with! I also love seeing her little guy grow up…he is just a month younger than my little Olivia and he is a peanut!

Now onto my list – I, like many, love decorating and making my home cozy, comfy and pretty so since I am knee-deep in foam peanuts, I decided to make my Obsessedfest list all about my new digs!

Here we go:

1) My New Backyard!


Fenced in with a built-in grill and a hot tub? Holla! Next spring I am plotting on slapping a little paint on the hot tub to freshen it up, as well as the grill. The grill looks like a bigger version of the kind you would find at a campground or beach so all we need is a couple of beer holders and the Officer and I can get our grill on! I am so excited to have a nice, open space for the kids to run around, do sidewalk chalk, go on adventures!!

2) My New Mantel & Fireplace


Can I get a HELLS YEAH??!! I can’t get my fall décor up there fast enough!! Fall leaf garland wrapped with white lights swirled between yummy fall candle and our family picture frames…ahhhhhh!! Then our stockings? Ugh I love it!! I don’t even care if we ever have a fire in the damn thing!

3) My New Kitchen


(don’t be intimidated by my awesome attempt at planning my kitchen out using Microsoft Paint…yeah I know I’m a total badass)

While it isn’t a big kitchen, it is more than enough for me! We have more counter space, more storage space, a new sink, gas stove and a glass door cabinet that I have NO idea what to put inside of it so that it looks nice and organized. I have been browsing Pinterest for ideas on what to do with that cabinet and the best pictures usually have bright, colorful dishes displayed…or all one color or tone. While I don’t plan on buying all new dishes, I know that this cabinet will either make or break the whole kitchen (for me at least) so I have to come up with something pretty looking and pretty cheap!

4) Hardwood Floors!!!


I will RUN, not walk, to buy new Swiffer pads and I don’t even care who judges my excitement!! My last two houses have had some weird textured vinyl flooring that was a bitch to use the Swiffer on so usually I would just skip it but I’m ready to bring it back!! Each bedroom has wood floors so I may just keep that sucker upstairs for easier cleaning especially since the kitchen is usually a vacuum kind of job, you damn crumbs. 

5) New Foyer and Banister


I love the dark wood and thick, cushy carpeting! The walls are a neutral chocolate milk color that is the absolute best! I love neutrals! The main entrance for us will be the side door but the front door leads out to a kick ass front porch…which leads me to…

6) New kick ass front porch!!


and it comes with a swing! The porch is huge and screams ‘front stooping nights with the Officer and a few beers’!! All it needs is a good cleaning and a cooler and we are set! We are also going to add a baby gate so we can let the wild monkey run free on the porch!

Dear Front Door, Don’t worry my friend…You will soon be adorned with some beautiful fall décor, hay bales, pumpkins and my favorite Country Pumpkin sign! <3, Me


And finally….

7)  My kick ass bathroom!!


The blue tile looks kind of obnoxious in pictures but I assure you, it is not obnoxious at all. It is what I like to call a “happy” blue…The kind of color you see and you instantly become cheerful and your mood brightens. The walls also have the same neutral chocolate milk color as the foyer/living room does. There is also new(er) floor tiling and a huge counter top and plenty of storage!


Well there you have it! Our new house. I can’t say it enough – I am in LOVE!


Morgan Smile

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  1. New house with a hot tub!? Total score!

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