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Welcome to my blog Organize.Create.DIY

My name is Morgan and I am originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago, the beautiful Door County, Wisconsin and currently, Western PA...I am turning 29 at the end of August and I really feel like it is time to get busy and make my life more awesome each and every day. 

I decided to start this blog to journal my attempts as a new stay-at-home mom (SAHM) taking my house and turning into our cozy home...for my man, my four children and myself, of course! I have a strong love and passion for home decor/organization blogs but I have a tough time incorporating all of their ideas and tips into my own home due to my non-existent organizing/cleaning budget. 

I have also decided to start my own business from home creating hair bows, head bands, tutus, party favors and decor and I wanted to document that journey as well. It has always been my dream to own my own business but I figured it would never happen since I don't have the unlimited resources for a start-up. Once I really got to thinking about what I wanted to do as a business, I realized that with the exception of the hair accessories, I pretty much had everything else I needed to start my party favors and decor. I dream of garland and cupcake flags.  :) 

Some more tidbits about me and my wonderful life:

# 1:  The Dollar Store is my weakness. 

# 2: I am a sucker for reality TV (Housewives anyone?)

# 3: I love glitter, anything colorful, chevron & polka dots.

# 4: My children and my man are everything to me.

# 5: I have always wished my family was much closer than we are but I have come to terms with the fact that will never happen.

# 6: Because of # 5, I have made my own little family and have turned people who were once friends, into family. 

# 7: My next business will be family photography! I love taking photos and editing, setting up props etc...maybe I'll name my photography company after my boys to even it out? lol

# 8: I have been a blog reader for almost five years now and I still get excited when I find a new favorite!

# 9: There is nothing better than having a ice cold drink and having a "Pinterest Spree" (you know, sitting there pinning for hours and finding fabulous pins to fill up your boards)

# 10: I was an ambulance dispatcher for seven years and I miss it everyday. It was something that I pride myself by saying I was great at the job and have thought about going back to. Unfortunately, you definitely learn how instantly your life could change for the worse and you cannot help but develop some sort of anxiety about that. 

# 11: I swear like a sailor. 

# 12: Although I wish I had endless piles of money to throw into organizing, cleaning and decorating my house, I don't. I love me some home decorating/organizing blogs but I  definitely do not have their kind of budget. I used to let it get me down that I couldn't use their ideas in my own home simply because of my finances. I wanted to not only get my home tidy and clean without spending a bunch of money but I wanted to document my journey doing so in hopes that maybe one day another mom in a similar situation will find my blog and get inspired. 

So there you have it...now let's get organized and make sh*t!! 

Disclaimer: I wish I felt comfortable posting pictures of my family because I love reading other family blogs and seeing cute pictures of cute kids but unfortunately, I do not feel comfortable doing so. My Officer and I have some not-so-awesome people who we cannot help but have in our lives and I don't want to ever put him or my children in danger. I have had a picture of my children copied off of my (pretty) private Facebook page and sent to someone who had no business having a picture of them and I just don't want that to happen again. 

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