Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adventures in Making a Crown, Part 1 :Create:

I’ll be honest. I thought crown-making was going to be much easier than it has been. Granted, it hasn’t really been all to difficult…There have just been some unforeseen issues.

I purchased my crochet lace on which has an AMAZING shipping turnaround. I ordered several colors…


You can see there…brown, black, lime, white, pink and turquoise.

Lesson #1: Next time, I will just buy a neutral color – white maybe – and spray paint each crown separately. I would say paint them with acrylic paint but the spray paint is SO MUCH EASIER!

Plus, you can get different shades of (lets say) pink for different crowns by using different shades of spray paint (obvious I know) but it is harder to come by different pink shades of crochet lace unless you are a lace ninja… you can always use the spray paint for other projects  too so nothing ever goes to waste!

Lesson #2: Next time, I will try lightly ironing the lace out before applying the fabric stiffener. I know it make seem pointless because you are just going to crumble it up in the bowl anyways but I would just dip the fabric in the bowl and wipe off the access between my thumb and pointer finger to try and keep the fabric as flat as possible.


Next, measure and trim. I cut all of mine 15” and ended up needing to trim more off of each end due to fraying so they ended up around 14” each. It was a perfect fit for my 7 year old daughter’s head!


Gather your supplies – Grab your Stiffy! hahahahaha – yeah I know, I’m 12 again. Come on though, the company set me up by naming it that!


Now, pour…







Squeeze out excess…


and Lay out…

See that white splotchy-ness on the black?

Yeah, that totally goes away once the stiffener dries!


I set mine out on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper…

And flipped them about 3 times over the next hour to prevent the stiffener from clogging up the lace holes…

Then just left them to dry overnight.



Part 2 (the fun part) coming soon!



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