Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My brain, the hamster wheel.

It has been about a week since I decided to start my own company and I’ll tell you, I have never been happier. My hands (and baby) are covered in glitter, I have multiple colors of tulle scattered all over my floor and there are a bajillion cupcake flags covering every surface of my living and dining room. It feels amazing.

My mind is filled with constant swirls of ideas, questions, dreams…It has all been overwhelming but in a very good way. I just really needed to open up my Live Writer and get these thoughts out of my head and onto my screen. Earlier I caught myself Googling`how to package cupcake flags` because the only idea I came up with involved a small box and a styrofoam block. I can only imagine how much that would drive up my shipping and handling costs. Then the idea flashes before my mind that I shouldn’t worry about it because I’ll probably never sell a single box. Then I push that thought aside…Shhh, I don’t have time for that negativity because I’m doing this!

When it feels right, it must be right, right? I just have this warm feeling of joy in my heart that this is what I am meant to do! Heck, I would buy what I make so I’m sure plenty of people out there will love my stuff!! You don’t have to be the biggest, most popular shop to do well. We all start somewhere!!

Here are some of the million questions I have running through my busy brain:

-How would I ship my Cupcake twirls? They will definitely lose their charm all smushed from the Post Office!

-How will I display my tutus and head bands at vendor shows? I’ll have to look up how other people do it and pray their ideas aren’t costing big bucks!


Um, intimidating much??? Wow, that is a display!

I should totally make a Katy & Liv sign out of felt garland and hang some shiny pompom tassels!


I guess I am just really, really nervous to go to my first vendor show! I don’t want to be a turd up against these super crafty ladies that can whip up a tutu while drinking an iced coffee and crocheting a scarf all at the same time. Geez, even the thought makes me tired!


Whoa, I really need to get busy!

I still have a lot of supplies to ponder buying but I have already put in about $100 in supplies and I want to start bringing in some money before I really start spending more. One of the most expensive craft supply I would love is a circle punch…those suckers run anywhere from 9.99 to 20.99 at Joann Fabrics! For one shape, one size? You are kidding, right?

Cardstock garland is one of my favorite things to look at. I have never actually seen cardstock garland in person but it is all over my favorite blogs and Etsy. My favorite shape is the star! I would love the star, heart, football and leaf shape. How cute would a Christmas tree-shaped one be?! I have also seen that a lot of crafters actually sew their garland; I don’t have a sewing machine so I guess I would opt to use 2 pieces of garland every couple of inches and just glue them to the twine, ribbon, thread, etc.

Oh so many things to still sort out but I’ll get there. It wouldn’t be worth it if it was totally easy!! I have to go, my tulle is calling me!


Lots of love & Martha Stewart extra fine glitter!


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