Thursday, July 25, 2013

Obsessedfest :Crafter’s Edition:

When I heard about this linkup, I just HAD to jump on the bandwagon! First off all, I love love love Mandy’s helloJAXON blog. She is full of creativity, love for her family and adorable little boy and loves her some fun adult drinks (a girl after my own heart!)
So I am diving head first into my very first
My Week of Obsessions:
1) My very first Tutu & Headband order!

It is for my dear friend Courtney and I am in love with how it turned out! It is my ‘Orange Raspberry Sherbet’ and with the ribbon, it is ADJUSTABLE!

2) Martha Stewart Fine Glitter
OMGOOODNESS- this stuff is the BEST! I purchased it on in order to avoid the $9.95 shipping cost on the Martha Stewart website (Sorry, Martha – but really? When the shipping cost is nearly half of the cost of the item you are buying, it is time to walk away)
I have been decorating football shirts, crowns, you name it – I don’t know how I ever lived without it!
And I just had to OMBRE it up for our Obsessedfest host, Mandy! You know how much she loves her ombre!!

3) Halloween Cardstock
Halloween inspired cupcake flags anyone? The weather has been very fall-like over the past couple days which has me craving all things fall. While I am not ready to fully part with summer yet since it means the big kids will have to be getting back into school, that does not mean I can’t start prepping items for my upcoming craft shows!

4) My kickass hot glue gun

I truly don’t know how I lived without this sucker either! My good friend Terry bought me my first hot glue gun when I was helping her craft up some decorations for her parent’s wedding anniversary. And you don’t ever have to buy an expensive glue gun either!! I think she said this one was around $2.00 and this pack of glue was about $2.50. Totally budget friendly!

5) Tulle, Tulle, Tulle
I am getting started on my team color’s tutus and I am so pumped to see how they turn out. So far I planned for:
Steelers, Pens & Pirates
Penn State
Ohio State
Cleveland Browns
and 2 of our local school teams!
I also graduated from the “buying wholesale tulle off the big cardboard sheets” to “buy the tulle on the spool” – although the wholesale tulle is much cheaper, the spooled tulle is SO MUCH EASIER to deal with!!
Well, that is it for my first Obsessedfest linkup!
See you next week for more OBSESSIONS!!


  1. Loveeeeee! Especially the ombré!!! ;) oh and the glitter itself. A girls gotta glitter on! I love the colorfest of tulle and your love to rep your teams! So excited to read this post, it made me happy :)

    1. Thank you so much! I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of your link up!!