Friday, July 26, 2013

The Friday 10 :Linkup:

Well, she has done it again.
When I saw Mandy’s from helloJAXON’s newest linkup for The Friday 10, I had to participate! It is such an easy way to open up, share something about myself and who doesn’t love making lists?!

While I did write this post on Friday, I didn’t finish this beast until Saturday technically so consider me tardy for the party.
1) Katy & Liv – Ever since I made my official decision to open up my own shop, I have never been happier. It just felt…RIGHT. Yes, I am very nervous and I’m trying hard not to let any negative thoughts creep up into my mind. I have been trying to channel a little bit of a certain HealthyDiva’s positive attitude and only think GOOD THOUGHTS! I figure if I make stuff that I love, that other people will love it too!
2) My Officer – He just melts my heart. My man is the most supportive, funniest, awesome-est person I could ever imagine knowing, loving and sharing a home with. I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life and pray for his safety every chance I get. Before meeting him, I never thought a man could love me or treat me the way he does.
3) My Babies – Eight years ago, I was pregnant with my first…However, at this time eight years ago, I didn’t know that I was pregnant with twins. I never quite knew how blessed I actually was at the time either. Kayden and Kaytlen are now 7 1/2 years old and about to start SECOND grade and I never knew my heart could be so full!! When I look at them, my heart feels like it could burst! Little Miss Olivia is my little blessing as well. She is our little .3% chance IUD baby (TMI lol) - I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be a mommy to these kids and I try to never take a day with them for granted. I will never be a perfect mom but I will always try to be a good one.
4) My Stepson – This young man deserved his own spot on my Top 10 list. Our relationship is wonderful and stressful. This has possibly been my most challenging relationship I have had to date. The sweet little boy who I wish was my own is leaving such an impression on me and I cannot even begin to describe my feelings towards him. Unfortunately, my heart is heavy for this little guy. He is living under a dark, horrible roof and we really don’t know if and when he will be able to get out from under it. Now I am no psychologist but his mother seems to have deep strains of mental illness. The house he lived in until he was almost six was disgusting and unlivable. There was dog urine running through the floor. Literally, from the first floor down into the basement. CYS has been involved more than once but has done nothing to help rectify the sad, unsanitary situation. There was so much crap and garbage in the bedrooms that you could not even see the floor. Now when he visits every other weekend, he reeks of filth and animal vomit. He gets sent to school with shirts too small, holes in his shoes and floodwater pants and believe me when I say the lack of proper fitting clothing has nothing to do with a lack of finances on her part. Now our relationship was strained because he didn’t look up to female ‘mother figures’ as positive role models or support systems in his life. He feared that at any time I would scream and yell at him or his dad for no good reason at all. The more time we have spent together, the better our relationship has become. I can only imagine what horrible things were said to him about me that just lead him to not like me…But he always warmed up to me after a day or so. We had him for ten days right at the beginning of summer vacation and he really, really opened up to me and I saw a whole new kid come out. The little boy, underneath all of the fear, got to finally shine through. He actually asked me if I have ever had to lie at school about a boo-boo I had…He said he had to before. My heart dropped and I was so sick to my stomach.  So…now I can only hope and pray each day that we eventually get full custody of him and raise him right so that special, fun-loving little guy can be loved the way he deserves to be loved.
(Okay, back to the fun stuff now, eh?)
5) Crafting – Seems obvious, I know but I feel so great when I am decorating and pretty-fying something! A little glitter and glue can really calm a girl’s soul sometimes! I am YEARS behind on my older kid’s scrapbooks but for Olivia, I swallowed my pride and bought an actual baby book and just filled that sucker out. It was kind of nice having events pre-filled and all I did was have to add a date but I of course add my own little touches to it.
6) Sparkling Water – The flavored kind, duh! I know, I know – it has fake sweetener in it but for whatever reason, I have just been hating our tap water! It was either the flavored sparkling or no water whatsoever.I really should just chill tap water and soak some fresh fruit in it to make a delicious and refreshing cooler…But I could only drink it that way in a mason jar with a fancy straw so I better put those up! (only kidding) (uh, who am I kidding, no I’m not)
7) Pinteresting-Sprees – Ah Pinterest….You make me feel good…then bad…then good again. You are like an unsteady relationship with the high school bad boy.
I just love (and hate) Pinterest. I have always been a fan of ripping out magazine pages and pining them up on a bulletin board (or just taped on my way) as a source of inspiration, motivation and/or reminders. Now will I ever actually complete or accomplish any of the ideas that I come across during my late night pinteresting sprees? Maybe, Maybe not. Either way, it is fun and I have no intention on stopping anytime soon.
8) Friends Reruns – Probably my favorite TV show ever and last year during my late night, pregnant insomnia, I discovered that from 11:00pm to 1:00am each night they run four episodes on Nick @ Nite…and usually they are in order. The Officer and I still fall asleep to it to this day. The night almost doesn’t feel complete unless I watch at least one episode! And yes, I am that annoying girl who can recite quotes from each episode! #noshame 
9) Chapstick and Mints – Do these need an explanation? Who doesn’t love soft lips and fresh breath?
10) Blogs – Back in October of 2009, I came across my first blog. I had no idea what I was looking at. “Pictures of food? Pictures of sweaty people? About Me sections? WTH???”   I soon started to understand what I had found and haven’t stopped reading since. I have never met anyone in “real life” that is a blog fan like myself – if I mention the word ‘blog’, most people look at me and say, ‘blog? what? huh?’ but I love the sense of community and it is very encouraging seeing the real-life friendships that have flourished all because of a blog or two.
I started with healthy living blogs and have ventured onto lifestyle, organizing/cleaning and mommy blogs. I always LOVE finding fun, new blogs to add to my daily roster of reading!!
Phew, well I am sure I will keep thinking of more things I can’t live without but this chick needs to take her happy ass to bed.
You Stay Classy San Diego Winking smile 
xoxo Morgan

P.S. I am not one for proof-reading my posts so excuse any typos – thanksSmile 


  1. Really happy you joined in with yet another link up! You have an awesome blog and I am so happy to be following you now!!! Not to mention I loved your list and don't fret, I don't proofread either. Ain't nobody got time for that ;)

    1. Thank you girlie!! Funny thing was today I kept thinking about things to put on my next list...I should have written them down so I don't forget by next Friday!

    2. Next Friday I think the question or topic will be Top 10 Fav movies :) So no need to worry - it is a different topic every week!