Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Thoughts Late Night.

My mind is just tick, tick, tick, tick, tick with ideas for my little company and I am trying to use up as much free time I have when I’m not on baby duty or mom duty with the big kids… I am very lucky to have such an understanding man in my life. He is always trying to keep little Liv busy while I’m cutting, gluing and daydreaming. My “big” kids are amazing with their little sister as well. I couldn’t have any more luck in my life with my amazing family!

Tonight needed to (once again) get my thoughts on the screen. I need to get my thoughts out and organize my ideas before I start buying random craft supplies and waste my business cash.

I definitely need to create a business plan since I want my company to become a thriving, full-time (keeps me working from home) business. I also need to dedicate a great space in my house to being my work space. Right now, I have my crap spread out over several rooms…my poor family! I feel a little bit in limbo since I’m waiting on my supplies to come in.

By the way, and so far have had a great turnaround time for shipping but the took the entire 5 day processing time which is acceptable (since they posted that as a possibility) but I really, really hate waiting! I was completely shocked and satisfied when my order at that I placed at 10:30pm was shipped by 11:00am the very next day.

My official list of items created and provided is:

*Sports Team Hair bows, Head bands & Tutus

*Birthday Princess Crowns

*Paper Garland (vertical and horizontal)

*Tassel Garland (horizontal)

*Cupcake flags and twirls

I keep thinking that these five sound like too much to start out with but if I think about which one I could cut out, I can’t imagine not doing it! I’m such a dork! I figure I can just start out with these items and grow, expand certain hit items, reduce certain non-hit items (not that there will be any ; ) ) and go from there. Hey, I’m sure many business owners started off in one direction but ended up switching things up a bit.

Tomorrow we will be having our first yard sale and I really  hope we rake in the cash!! Mostly, I just hope we get rid of our crap! Ugh if I see anymore baby clothes that don’t fit Olivia, I’m going to freak out! I tried to sell these clothes at a family members house for the past two weekends and it was a bust so I’m hoping since we have a busy busy street, we will be successful If not, don’t even bother calling the fire department…I’m burning it all.

Besides the garage sale, my fabric came in so I can start my birthday crowns. Ah! They just make me so happy just thinking about them. I think they are so pretty! I will definitely document my first attempt at making them and I sure hope I don’t totally blow it!!

Wish me luck!


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